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Interesting Competitive Team-based Multiplayer System

Thought triggered by:

Swedish Armed Forces - Team Test 

In this activity a team operates in a loop. Each member completes a puzzle and if successful, that adds more time to the next person in the loop. Each member is continuously solving puzzles. If one member fails, they stop providing time to the next in the chain, therefore that person loses soon after, and so on. 

Theory: A multiplayer, team-based game where a team is EXACTLY as strong as their weakest player does not exist. Couple with fun gameplay to attract an audience, and the competitive community will thrive with recruiting the very best players and joining teams of complete strangers, rather than friends. 
Would need to be complimented by a single player system for users to practice on and improve. Could use, but not require, RPG elements for users to improve in their own time so that bad players won’t just ragequit before trying to improve. This could or could not work, depending on the gameplay system it is coupled with.

Targeted at hardcore gamers, and competitive e-sports.